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Dec 28

Mikayla’s Notes - Holiday Greetings :)

Hello people from Tumblr! After rising from the dead, here I am again writing another blog post. :) It has been awhile since I last posted on this account. But guess what? I have an announcement to make. Drum roll, please?
I have decided to create my own blog! *Children Cheers* :D

Yes, after a few weeks of deciding, I will create my own blog just for the sake of expressing what I need to express. Like my own personal, public diary. LOL. Of course, morals will be included. :) Anyways, I will announce the details of the blog soon. This is so exciting!! ^^

Somehow, this excitement leads to another topic I am excited to share about, that is the holidays! Yehey! 🎄🎄🎄

Cold breeze, chiming bells, unwrapped gifts, prepared fireworks and colorful lights. This is what I love about the holidays! Everyone giving and receiving love from their family and friends. This is the most anticipated part of the year! Besides the rushed Christmas and New Year shopping antics, each humble abode are excited to pig out this year. :) Oh, don’t worry about the diet, it will be over soon. LOL. Reunions will be popping everywhere, from family reunions to elementary reunions (talk about old school! Hahaha!). This is, somehow, the reason we go bankrupt for a few days, just kidding. :))

Question though, what is the TRUE meaning of these holidays? For me, it is to be thankful enough that we have many blessings that came to us this year, and hoping to expect more for the upcoming year. For everyone’s knowing, a storm hit up a part of the eastern Visayas region of our country (I am sure everyone is aware). The people there are slowly uplifting themselves, even though some of them lost many of their loved ones. But, regardless of that, they still smile and strive to survive. It breaks my heart to see that they don’t have a proper home to stay in for the cheery celebration of the year, but what makes it cheery is that they try to enjoy the holidays, and stick to what they have to enjoy it. They support one another even though they don’t know each other personally.

I don’t know what is going on there right now, but I am hoping that they are happy and still blessed that they are alive and well. Let us all pray for their safety and help them as much as we can. :) I know they will be blessed as much as we here in Manila have now. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. ^_^

- Mikayla

Oct 09
Have two!!:3

Have two!!:3

Sep 02

Mikayla’s Notes! - Pain

Hello!!:) It’s been awhile since I last entered here. For everyone to know, I was too busy with school and this was my last semester. I am now a graduating student and waiting for my graduation day. :D So, I have to wait 8 months for that day to arrive. -_- whoopee..>.>

Anyways, our topic for today is all about pain. I have to admit, I am a bit of a masochist (meaning to enjoy pain). But, not literally enjoy. It just means I feel hurt, but I expect someone to comfort me and make me happy. So, that makes me comfortable. If no one comforts me, I just cry it all out in my room. :)

Though, in general, no one likes pain. Who even likes pain?? Just this morning I was said that I was a worthless person to talk to when I wake up early in the morning. And it is not a reason that you just woken up by someone who called you at 7am in the morning. -_- I know it is a small reason, but even the smallest thing can hurt a person. Who even wants a person you love to call you “worthless”? (Seriously, it gave me a sharp pain in my chest when I read his message) Whatever the comment is, if it hurts that person, you must apologize. Don’t let pride, or ego, get in the way because it was you who brought those words. A relationship between you and him/her will break into tiny pieces.

A word of advice, think before you speak. :) In a Bible verse that I read, the tongue is the sharpest thing a person can hold. Words can bring inspiration and determination, but not thinking of what you say can make it from an inspiration to a depression. Make this as a lesson to those who have already hurted people with their words. Learn to be careful in the future. :) It is not bad to be honest and speak the truth, but be sure to warn that person first before saying anything. Also, let God be your messenger, for you to say caring words. Inspire others and encourage everyone that you love.

Jun 22

Mikayla’s Notes! - Confusing much?

Annyeong!! Welcome to another edition of Mikayla’s Notes! :)

Before I start with my topic, last May 27 was my birthday. I just turned 20 years old and still doesn’t sink in that I am already at my 20’s. Life is so fast. :/ Oh well, let’s continue now!^^

Confusion. Yeah…… A lot of us experience this word. It may be too many things running on your mind, or you don’t know which task you’re gonna do first. Well, that’s confusion in work/school. But, what about matters of the heart?

It can be loving two people at once, trying to break-up but can’t do it because you love that person, being a “bestfriend” even though you’re falling, and the list goes on. So, how can we fix these confusions? Simple: Decide, Conclude, Accept. Let me explain this one by one.

Decide. Think clearly of the situation you are in. Is it going good or bad? Should you continue this? Do you still love this person? Is it possible? Ask questions for yourself to justify your problems. Think hard and make sure that decision makes you feel at ease and comes from the heart (with a little help from your brain).

Conclude. Once you decide what you’re gonna do, you must think what will happen after, get ready for it, and take the plunge. You are in the verge of getting to know on what consequence (or luck) you’ll get into. It’s now or never! Take the risk, but be prepared! There’s no turning back now. :)

Accept. May it be great or devastating, you’ll have to accept whatever happens. You just got a girlfriend after taking the risk of confessing, that’s awesome! Got rejected? It’s okay. He/She is not the only person you’ll get to know, so don’t frown. Turn it upside down. :) It’s not the end of the world. Whatever result, always accept and move forward. ^^

And that ends it! Good luck to whatever situation you are in. Hope you decide whatever is right to get out of that endless cycle of confusion. Oh! And don’t forget to pray always for He can only help you decide what is right. :D Until next time!

May 25

Mikayla’s Notes - Morning Gratitude! <3

Good morning to all!^^ Just a sweet greeting from me, myself and moi. :))

Mornings are the best, ain’t it?^^ You feel the sunlight shining through your whole body (or face), birds chirping in the blue sky, the smell of pancakes and eggs being cooked by your mother; it is simply amazing!^^

Let us not forget that these great mornings are given to us by God, our Creator and Father. :) Always remember to pray and give thanks to Him for another great day ahead of you. ^^ Thank Him for being here in this world despite its different circumstances created by man. In short, thank Him for being alive and well on this great morning.

Happy Sunday everyone and God bless!^^

May 23

Mikayla’s Note - Loving you! :))

Hey guys! Starting now, I’m gonna be blogging a lot here on tumblr to write some personal views in life. This may sound boring but I can tell, it will be a lot of fun. :) So, let’s start, shall we?

Anyways, recently, I have been happy (God knows how) for a few months now. Never would I expect it to be this happy when I’m with him. :) Sure, let’s say I am a bit exaggerated but what the heck? I’m enjoying this! ^^ He’s not only my boyfriend, but my bestfriend as well.

A lot of people would like to have that kind of significant other, right? But, if you have that person right now while reading this, I advise you, DON’T EVER LET GO OF THAT PERSON! :) Sure, he/she might not be perfect, (like no talent, no sense of fashion, whatever flaws you have), as long as both of you are happy with each other, enjoy it to the fullest! :)

Fights will always be there. It shows the challenge of being strong as a couple. Make sure that both of you make up for it, and compromise in the end.

It’s not bad to think of the future. But, like said in most pages and seen in blogs, “never expect, never demand, never assume”. Think of the things you will make effort with your relationship in the present, to make way for your future. :)

Jan 25

Taking advantage..

You are freaking annoying you know that!? You know what is going on so stop making me jealous!!! I hate you now..😢

Jan 16


Jan 14
Jan 10
You took my heart..even though it is not the right time..:/

You took my heart..even though it is not the right time..:/